About us

Living Life To The Fullest Begins With C&I

Families don’t want their loving seniors to feel left alone in nursing homes but are also on the verge of breaking point, trying to look after them along with their jobs and kids. However, we understand that well-assisted elderly members promote more-focused routine tasks. That’s where the C&I comes into the scene, a well-led organisation with high standards in giving personalised care. 

In collaboration with esteemed nursing schools nationwide, our senior care home-oriented services cater to people to meet their personal, social, and recreational needs. Our mission is to provide top-notch care that promotes overall well-being and enhances your quality of life.

How we can help?

We help you to accommodate a carer promptly who will live with your service user, provide care, and additional assistance.

New organization

Our modern-day care services agency streamlines the stressful process of visiting the hospital, returning home,
and maintaining hygiene and health with just one tap.

Partnership with firms

Our partnership with renowned nursing schools sets us apart, enabling us to deliver solutions through collaboration and leverage our expertise in providing uninterrupted services to individuals and families every month

Professional Trainings

To promote interaction and engagement around our services, we incorporate dynamic training in the hiring process, ensuring we meet the best practices of the home care sector.

Professional Certifications

Backed by certified practitioners and licensed professionals, we’re confident in the service we provide. Whatever the situation is, we have acumen that fits in immediately.

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